2 million Apple iPads sold in less than 60 days.

Is your Website compatible?

We make iPad-Compatible Websites. Simple.

Every new Apple mobile device including iPads, iPhones & Mac Computers running the Safari 5 web browser all support and take full advantage of the new industry standards, HTML 5 and CSS3. As a result, can create and develop advanced graphics, view inline ‘on-the-page’ videos, animations and multi-media effects.

Is your website taking advantage of the latest web standards?

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Safari on iPad

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Already have a Website?

No problem.

Either by recoding and re-imaging your current site or creating an entirely new apple ready mini site we can look after your current site and make it more engaging for your viewers, compatible with all the latest Apple devices.

Video on the screen, so your viewers need no extra software or plug-ins and can play them straight on your homepage

Advanced Picture Galleries and Portfolios

Audio built-in to your webpage with no need for extra software or downloads

Tired of seeing this?

No Flash! The iPad does not run Adobe Flash. As a result, some of your media-rich content will not be displayed. This is where we come in.

Latest Web Standards We use the latest in web technologies, namely HTML5 and CSS3 in order to optimise your site to ensure your content is future-proof and standards-compliant.

H.264 Video We can optimise your content on your behalf. Videos on the Web now look even more stunning on the iPad thanks to our in-house H.264 conversion facilities.

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